Blog Posting for the Week of March 7th

Post the following for this week’s blog post

  • Problem set 7/8 is due by the end of the day March 18th. Put a post up with the name of your partner and the plan for your studio sessions you will do by March 18th.
  • On your main page under the heading “Best Photos” post your three best, processed photos that you would use as potential prints for the final exhibition.
  • Reflection. With the article we read in class in mind, share the most meaningful experience you’ve had in nature. Explain why. Use descriptive language. Show the reader what it felt like.
  • Physics of Photography. Pup up a post documenting your experiment/activity. It should have an image or video of the experiment you did with a short written description of your process and what you learned/showed from doing it. This needs to be complete and up by March 18th by the latest.
  • Photo of the week. This should be your 7th photo. Get it up.

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