Blog Post 6: Fundamental Forces of Nature

Post the following for this week’s blog post

Blog Post 6: Fundamental Forces

  • Read the article on gravitational waves – the final confirmation of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity – and the article on black holes. How is gravity distinct from the other fundamental forces of nature?
  • Post an image of the motor thrust curve for the rocket motor you plan to use in your rocket. Explain why you went with this motor choice.
  • Post an image of your final rocket prior to launch.
  • Make sure you are continuing to put up your photos and video for the short movie you are making

Blog Post 5: Stoichiometry, Matter and Kit Rockets

For Blog Post 5: Kit Rockets, please answer the following questions

  • A link to your media folder for your group
  • Problem Set 2: Stoichiometry
  • Given the challenges of sending humans to Mars, is it a valuable use of resources? Why or why not? (Video Text 1: Space X on Mars, Supplemental Text)
  • Nature of Matter Text:¬†Write a short paragraph. What strikes you about the text? Why is it significant? What questions does it raise for you?
  • Reflection: Write about what you have specifically contributed to your group’s work this week. What is going well with your partnerships? What is challenging? What do you hope to improve on over the final week or two of this project?

Plan – Week of September 19th


  1. Video/Discussion: SpaceX Mars Mission 
  2. Rocket Motor Design (for static test)
  3. Work Time (build kit rocket, finish design, watch tutorial on tube making, make motor for test)


  1. Matter and Energy: Stoichiometry
  2. Problem Set 2: Stoichiometry
  3. Rocket Build


  1. Hydrogen Balloon Lab
  2. Rocket Build


  1. CO2 Pressure Lab
  2. Static Motor Test


  1. Rocket Build
  2. Blog Post
  3. Make Motor