Confucianism System of Thought

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Physics 1

Toga Night Part 1: Systems of Thought


Research with a partner to answer all of the following questions.

  1.  Who was Confucius?
  2. When did he live?
  3. What part of China did he live in?
  4. What was happening contemporaneously in China preceding, during and after Confucius lived? What was the historical context under which he taught?
  5. What is the Hundred Schools of Thought era in Chinese history and how did Confucius play a role in it?
  6. What were Confucius’ primary social teachings? What are the five constant teachings? What is filial piety? What is the role of duty and obedience?
  7. What were Confucius’ primary political teachings?
  8. Is Confucianism considered a religion in China?
  9. How has Confucianism influenced modern day Chinese culture and politics?