Blog Post 2: Intro to Light

Post the following for this week’s blog post:

  • An image of your second and final map of our Field Guide area.
    • Along with the image write a reflection about teamwork. What did you personally do to complete the map? What did your partner do? How did you decide roles? How did it work out? What did you learn from the experience that you can apply to your future work?
  • Use the in class text we read on light, write about the significance and mystery of light. Use at least two ideas from the text that were new to you. What do you find most fascinating about the nature of light? What questions do you have as a result?
  • Post a link to the page (~300 words) of text you and your partner write about Liberty Station.
  • Post your three best photos from our Field work that we do at Liberty Station.

Urban Field Guide Project – First Post of 2017 Spring Semester

This semester, we will be completing an Urban Field Guide to the San Diego region near High Tech High. As part of this process, we will all need to become photographers for the book. With that in mind, your first blog post of the semester in physics should contain the following:

  • Read this article on the use of narrative or storytelling within photography
  • Spend time capturing photos that focus on narrative, using ideas gleaned from the article
  • Post at least two of your photos. If you know post-processing, you can process. However, we will learn those techniques later in the semester so this post will focus on narrative.
  • Add a paragraph on the nature of space. What struck you in learning how the everywhere is the center of the universe?
  • Post a photo of the rough draft of your map with a brief explanation describing your map. Answer the following question: was the feedback helpful? what do you plan to change on your next iteration of the map?

Helpful resources

  1. Where is the Center of the Universe? 
  2. Vsauce: center of the universe visualized
  3. No edge: shape of the universe
  4. Everywhere stretch