Blog Post 5

Post the following for Blog Post 5

  • We discussed the phrase “science is a way of thinking, a way of skeptically interrogating the universe” from Sagan’s final interview. ¬†Write a paragraph on why is this phrase significant? Write a second paragraph on how it differs or is similar to previous definitions of science you’ve heard?
  • What are your thoughts on the James Webb Space Telescope and the search for first light? Is it a worthwhile venture to spend $10 billion dollars to see back into deep time?
  • Post a link to your notes and/or the beginning of your rough draft for your piece that will go in the field guide.
  • Post at least two photos from Balboa Park with a note on what you are working on photographically.

Physics Lesson in February

I will be out Monday, February 13th for part of the day to do work at High Tech High Chula Vista and again this Thursday for part of the day doing an online lesson on our Weather Balloon Project. Check here if you’re wondering what to do.

Today, here is your task list for the morning.

  • Finish Blog Post 4 from last week.
  • Read this short NASA article on First Light and the James Webb Space Telescope. We will spend some time unpacking this text to understand what the big deal is. The video at the bottom of the article is also very helpful and worth the 2:30 view time.
  • Read this article on the geologic history of San Diego. Take notes. We will be getting to this over the next week.
  • Time permitting, watch this video and/or read this short article and make your first attempt at processing a photo in PhotoShop.
  • Post the processed image to your blog.

Blog Post 4: Lighting in Photography

For this week, post the following:

  • Problem set 2: Optics
  • Refer to the articles on lighting in photography along with the videos we watched in class. What did you learn about lighting in photography? What techniques do you hope to practice this week? What challenges do you foresee?
  • Post one picture from your first studio session and one picture for your second studio session. Pick photos that best illustrate each session in your mind’s eye. Write about what you learned from each session.
  • Sunset Cliffs Page. Post images and a your writing piece that will go into your Sunset Cliffs page for this week.
  • Honors or Open Architecture work. Write a brief synopsis of what you plan to do for you Honors or Open Architecture work. What else do you hope to learn?
  • Spend some time playing with lenses and prisms. What do each do? Write about the power of optics in our modern world? What strikes you? What questions do you still have?

Blog Post 3: Waves and Photography

Post the following for blog post 3:

  • Waves Problem Set
  • Pick two ideas that struck you from the in-class articles¬†on photographic technique. Answer the following questions for both. What about this technique strikes you? How do you plan to incorporate this photographic technique into your work?
  • Read about the history of of the Old Town Mission prior to our trip there tomorrow.
  • Practice photography. Post at least three photos from your photographs today and/or during our field work which demonstrate a technique you read about this week. Write about what you were trying to capture.
  • Post a link to your second page on Old Town. The page should be saved as a PhotoShop file.

Photography Basics

Read the following in order to brush up on photography basics:

When you are finished reading about basics, look through these examples of narrative photography and urban photography. Think about the techniques that are being used. What style would you like to emulate? How can you capture that feeling?