Blog Post 10

Only three or four more to go before the end of the semester! Woohoooo! This week post the following:

  • For the three objects you plan to image during our May 23rd astronomy night, post the following:
    • The name, Messier number of NGC number of the object
    • The magnitude (brightness)
    • The size in arcminutes
    • The constellation it’s located in
    • The time it rises
    • Who your partner is for this imaging endeavor
  • Post what struck you about Alan Watt’s Secret to Life video. Remember you wrote this in class and shared it.
  • After reading the article, Elon Musk is Really Boring, post your thoughts on his claim that tunnels are going to be the solution to future traffic congestion in urban environments. Keep the following questions in mind when answering:
    • What dangers might be present in using tunnels to solve traffic?
    • What are the positives in using tunnels?
    • Do you think more roads, tunnels, or flying vehicles are the long term solution? Is there some other solution to urban traffic that you think would work better?
    • What solution would be best for the San Diego community we have been visiting over the past semester?
  • Post at least three beautiful photos of animals from our zoo trip on Friday.

Blog Post 9

Post the following for post 9

  • An image of the Ideal City Problem Set (Brian has those if you need your copy) along with a written description of the image.
  • Choose one of the segments of Planet Earth II Cities – languars in Jodhpur, peregrines in NYC, leopards in Mumbai, birds building homes, hyenas in Kenya, catfish eating pigeons, etc – and write about how that piece struck you. What analogies do you see between the animal behavior and human behavior? What surprised you? What questions do you have?
  • What struck you about the scales of the universe website? What questions does it raise for you?
  • What are your thoughts on the size of the solar system? Where should humans focus future exploration?
  • Post 6 photos (three from downtown and three from Barrio Logan). If you missed either get out and do photography. Post pics!