Work for the Week of March 14th

You should be thinking about all of the following this week:

  • Completing Problem Set 7/8 which is a studio session of photography. Essentially, I want you playing with light, reflectors, soft boxes, etc. You can also do this at Sunset Cliffs this Friday. This needs to be done by Friday.
  • Completing the experiment and the short written piece for your Physics of Photography morning. This only needs to be ~200 to 250 words. Please cite your sources
  • You should have seven weekly blog posts up with reflections and photos along with six problem sets.
  • Photos of the week. We need to get more and better photos as exhibition approaches. Let’s get to it.


  • All honors groups have a research paper or video due by April 15th. You should be working on this presently. Rocket groups should have their rocket built by the week following spring break. Weather balloons should launch then as well. Astronomers – I will be confirming the dates for our nights out the week we get back.

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