Problem Sets 3 & 4

Attached below are two additional problem sets that may be submitted by the end of the semester. One of those problem sets is additional challenge problems on Kinetic and Potential energy. The other is on density and pressure.

Please make sure you are showing your work (use of pictures, knowns and unknowns, etc), using the correct units and boxing in answers to make it easy to follow.


pressure and density problem set

potential and kinetic challenge problems

Energy/Matter Audiofile Submission

Once you have completed your audio-lesson on energy and matter, you need to submit it to your class blog by Tuesday, September 24th at the start of the day. The audio file should be on your blog along with a reflection that addresses the following questions:

  1. What was significant about the physics content you learned by doing this mini-project? What interested you about it? What questions does it raise for you?
  2. What skills did you learn from this project? In what ways did you grow?
  3. How did your partnership work on this assignment? What did you learn about partnering with other people? What takeaway do you have that will help you improve in this regard moving forward?
  4. What strikes you most about matter and energy in our universe?

What is science?

This video comes from a lecture given by Richard Feynman on how we go about finding a new law scientifically. First, we guess it, then we compute the consequences of that guess (this is where the math comes in), then we compare those computational consequences with experience, experiment or reality.

Matter and Energy Project

The first project sheet is attached. I have copied the text of it below.

Physics 1

Project 1: Matter and Energy


For our first project in physics class, you will be responsible for creating a sound file which addresses a question about matter and energy. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, we can begin exploring science topics that will support your radio drama podcast. Secondly, you can begin learning how to use the tools necessary for creating a radio drama.


For this first project, students will work with a partner that is chosen at random. Students will be required to project a sound file that is one minute to a minute and a half in length. The sound file will be assessed on the content as well as the quality of production. The audio lesson must address the significance of your topic and show an understanding of the current scientific thinking regarding it.



  1. Research. Students must research their question. Each student will have a separate question. However, partners’ questions will be similar in nature allowing them to work off of each other. Research should answer the question to the best of your ability. Think about these companion questions along the way. (Finished by Thurs Sept 11)
    1. What is the significance of this topic?
    2. What are the technologies that use this science?
    3. When was the science discovered?
    4. Who were important scientists to make the discovery?
    5. What questions does your knowledge of this topic raise for you?
    6. What research is ongoing in this field?
    7. How would you answer the question in two to three sentences?
  2. Script. Students must create a script based on their research. The script should be approximately 1:00 to 1:30 when read aloud. The script must be approved by Brian before continuing to the next step. (Scripts checked by Mon, Sept 16)
  3. Recording rough draft. When the script is complete, you may use whatever device available (there will be two iPads and in iPhone you can check out as well as your own devices) to record a draft. You must have at least two other people listen to your draft and get feedback on it. (Tues, Sept 17th)
  4. Final draft. You must produce a final draft that is edited together with your partner. The editing process can be done on Audacity on the school’s computers. You can also use a sound editing program your personal laptop as well. The final soundfile should be saved as an MP3 on your blog so we can play it for the class. (Fri, Sept 20th)




Matter and Energy Project Sheet