Blog Post for the week of Feb 29th – Middlesession

Submit the following as your work for Middle Session:

  • Second Final Product. You should have a processed photo along with a story from your Middle Session experience
  • Weekly Problem Set. This week, you should write a short research paper of 200 words on your Physics of Photography topic. One person in your group should write about the question you were given. The other person should write on its importance to photography. Cite sources using footnotes.
  • Readings. Read the following and answer the question
  • Reflection: What was the highlight of Middle Session? What was your greatest challenge?

Blog Post for the Week of February 25th

Your blog post for this week should contain the following:

  • Problem Set – Practice Midterm
  • Three photos exploring the theme of meaning in your life all at high enough resolution for an unpixelated 8″x10″ print
  • Read this article and check this page. Then ensure your photo we’re printing this week is at least the ‘better’ quality for print resolution (1920×2400 at 240 ppi)
  • Reflection – what was challenging about Middle Session session planning? What did you learn going through that process about yourself and the people you worked with in planning? Are you nervous about executing any part of your plan at this point? What are you most excited for?

Blog Post Week of February 15th

Post the following to your blog this week:

  1. Problem Set 4 which includes researching some photos and getting 10 photos of your own up.
  2. A first draft of one of your final products. You can choose, but post a first draft of an image/text for yourself, a stranger, or someone you know.
  3. Reflection question of the week (write a short response): how does education and learning create meaning in your life?

Physics Blog Post Week of February 8th

For this week, submit the following to your blog by Monday, February 15th:

  • Problem Set 3:  Electromagnetism
  • Photo of the week with a note on composition. How have you improved on framing your subject? On creating depth? On using lines?
  • Reflection of the week:
    • Read the following text on Gravitational Waves and answer the question, “How does the pursuit of understanding and knowledge through science create meaning for humans?” Use ideas or quotes from the text for support
    • What did you get done this week? Are you using your time efficiently? What are you worried about?

Senior Science Week Three Blog Post

For your second blog post of the semester, please submit the following by Monday, February 8th.

  • Electric Charge Problem Set
  • Photo of the Week with a short caption on your process for capturing it
  • Weekly Reflection
    • On Bumblebees and Electric Charge. What insight did you gain into the nature of electric charge by reading this article? Use quotes to back up your thoughts.
    • Meaning and Happiness – Pick one quote from the article. What struck you about the quote? Does the article make you think differently about what you pursue in life?
    • A short paragraph reflecting on how you used your time this week and how you will use your time next week?