Grading and Assessment

Grades in our science class will be earned as follows.

Students will keep a blog to post their work online during the course of the semester. There will be twelve separate blog posts due by Thanksgiving break with a 13th due by the end of the semester. See the calendar for specific dates.

Everyone starts with an A in the course. For each missing or incomplete blog post, the letter grade will drop. For example, if a post is missing the highest letter grade possible will be a B. Incomplete posts will drop the grade by a half letter grade. Simply get all thirteen posts done and you will pass.

Students will choose specific blog posts to be graded more intently. Ninth graders will pick four posts for grading. Tenth graders will choose six. These posts will be graded on completeness, depth of thought, and engagement with the material. If you finish the graded posts early, you can submit them for grading and revise to improve. I highly suggest you plan this into your semester.

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