Blog Post 10: Earth, Balloons, Atmosphere

For the 10th Blog Post, post the following

Blog Post 9: Astronomy, Light, Photography, EM Radiation

For the 9th blog post, post the following

  • What strikes you about the size of the universe and our solar system? (See: Scale of the Solar System, If the Moon were a pixel)
  • What is light? What distinguishes it from other phenomena in the universe? Why is it significant?
  • How do digital cameras function to capture the light traveling through the universe and turn them into an image? (See: How Charge Coupled Devices Work)
  • What did you do this week for your capstone project? What are you excited about? What fears do you have?

Blog Post 8: Electromagnetism and Light

Post the following for Blog Post 8

  • Watch this video on the EM spectrum and study this graphic. Pick one idea that is new to you and discuss why it is significant to our understanding of the universe
  • In class reading. Reflect on one aspect of the fundamental nature of light: its speed, its particle-wave nature, the spectrum, its ability to carry information, etc. why is light and our understanding of it significant?
  • Problem set – EM Waves
  • Spend 20 minutes researching the science behind your capstone idea. What did you find? What questions does it raise for you?

Blog Post 7: Rocketry Reflection

  • Post the two minute film you and your partner(s) made on rocketry (or a link to the video)
  • Answer the following reflection questions
    • In thinking about the balsa and kit rocket experience, post what you learned about rocketry? How did it inform your understanding of motion, Newton’s Laws, Gravity, Chemistry and electromagnetism?
    • What specific work were you proud of? Why?
    • What could you improve on if you built another rocket? How can you apply this knowledge to future projects?
    • How has the rocket project informed you on what you would like to do with your capstone experience?