Work Time – May 26th

Please work on the following during the time you are given on May 26th

  • Blog Post 1 – 13. Many of you still have work to make up here. Please send me an email with the final list of blogs you want graded. Freshman choose four posts. Sophomores choose six. Email me by the end of the day.
  • 300 word essay reflecting on how they are ready to move to the next grade using evidence from humanities, science, and math.
  • Use the tPOL rubric  and the reflective questions list to put together a 7 – 10 minute presentation for you transitional Presentation of Learning. You will be presenting this to Adam, Brian, and a panel of your peers over the final week and a half of school. Feel free to begin practicing said presentation if you get that far.
  • Final print. Process your favorite photo from the semester for a large print. We will only print the photo for you if we have an assurance the the image has a place to be hung. This could mean your home. It would be better if it was a business, a public gathering spot or even a friend’s home. You will need a 13″ x 19″ or 19″ x 13 “, 300 dpi, processed image in either psd or jpg. Add the files to this shared folder on Google drive. This is one students can opt out of. However, there are over 25 students who wanted to do this. We will begin printing on Monday. We will print in the order the photos are placed into the folder.
  • You can go into the astronomy shared folder to access, download and process an astrophoto. Students can use the data to create timelapses, digital photography or photography for prints. We will go over how to stack and prep the deep field photos next week. We will have additional data then as well. Students should know how to process a single photo. Look online for tutorials on how to create star trails or time lapses.

Blog Post 13

Reflection on the semester.

Write a one page reflection the year (300 words minimum) focused on showing your readiness to move to 10th or 11th grade. How did you grow in science, math, Spanish, and humanities? How about growth outside of school during the semester? Where are your strengths? Where do you need to improve? What are your goals for the coming years? Use evidence in the form of work from class to show the growth.

Focus on reflection. Summarization is not reflection.  This one pager will help form the basis for your tPOL – a 7 – 10 minute reflection in front of your teachers and a peer panel on the growth you experienced this year and why you are ready for the next grade level.

Blog Post 12

For blog post twelve, please post your final products. See the list below:

  • When you have completed your page(s) for the book, and it is ready for publishing (approved by Brian/Adam with page number, etc), upload the page onto your blog. Include a brief comment on what you learned from creating a publishable piece.
  • Choose your best photo from the past semester. Process it to bring out detail, contrast, composition. Save the file as a 300 dpi, 13″x9″ jpg or psd. You have to use the original file that has not been emailed or put on social media, etc. You want the largest possible file for the best detail. We will begin printing these next week. Include a brief description of how you captured the shot, what equipment you’ve used, settings (etc)
  • We are going out on May 23rd for an evening astronomy class. Post the processed image of the solar object you and your partner(s) imaged. Include a reflection on what you learned camping and looking at the stars.

Photoshop Tips

Brightness refers to how lit up the photo is. You want your photo brighter for print because it book pages aren’t back lit. Contrast refers to the level of color difference between corresponding parts of the photo.  To adjust brightness and contrast follow these tips.

Levels refer to the range of tone and color in the photo. Typically, photo data has information in specific ranges. You want the levels of your photo to reflect where the data is. To adjust levels check out this page. 

Image sharpness refers to how in focus parts of your image are. This is a major issue with many of the images set to go in our book. To learn to adjust image sharpness, watch this short video.

Your assignment is to process an image in photo shop that you are planning to put in the book. Get it checked with Brian this afternoon. Show him the before and after. Also, post the before and after to Blog Post 11. Once Brian checks it off, put it into your page.