Mid-Semester Check in

There is quite a bit work out for our group over the coming weeks. Students have to complete the following:

  1. Blog update – many of you had missing pieces on your blog. You will need to get six problem sets, six reflections, and six weekly photos up. Due now.
  2. Final Product 1 – an image with text in Indesign submitted to M. Egler. This should be done.
  3. Final Product 2 – same as above unless otherwise noted. Due Friday, March 11th
  4. Final Product 3 – same as above unless noted. Due Friday, March 18th
  5. Physics of Photography – you should have completed the first draft of a 200 word mini-essay on your question. You should finish with your experiment/activity no later than Wed. Mar 16th. You will be required to post documentation of your experiment and your finalized written piece by spring break. Please print your 200 word essay today.
  6. Problem Set 7 & 8 – This week you will begin your final problem sets researching and producing two sets of studio photos with a partner.
  7. Honors work
    • Astrophotography. Meet with Brian today to confirm date of photography. also begin working on your essay/video
      • After capturing your images, you will process and submit them on your blog. Concurrently, you will work on either a research paper or a YouTube video which answers on of the following questions:
        • What is the science behind how stars shine? How do we know this?
        • What is entropy and how is it significant to the processes we see in the night sky?
        • What is gravity and how is it significant to the structures we see in the night sky?
    • Weather Balloon Science. This group should meet today with every member to firm up plans and work on your research paper of your launch
        • Contemporaneously, complete a research paper (3 – 5 pages) or a video documentary of your launch which captures what you learned from doing a high altitude experiment.
    • Rocketry. This group should test their engines this week and begin laying out designs for their rocket
        • Research paper topics:
          • What is the significance of the nozzle in creating the thrust necessary to get the rocket off the ground? How do designs optimize the shape to create the most thrust?
          • What are the major differences between solid and liquid fuels in the design and performance of a rocket?
          • How are scientists able to use the mathematics of orbital mechanics to create precise flight paths through the vastness of space?
  8. Endersession
    • Continue planning for the final six weeks of the year.

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