Fall 2014 Final Exam Questions

The following questions form the basis of the first semester final exam. I will choose between 4 and 5 questions. You can choose a similar number. We will have a 10 – 15 minute conversation about these for your final.


  1. What is filial piety?
  2. What role does duty play in Confucian belief?
  3. Is Confucianism a religion or a philosophy? Why or why not?
  4. What is the Tao? How is it significant?
  5. What is the yin and the yang? How are they significant?
  6. What is karma according to Hindus?
  7. What is Atman?
  8. What role does reincarnation play in the Hindu belief system?
  9. Describe a Hindu God and its significance.
  10. What is Anatman?
  11. What role does reincarnation play in Buddhist belief?
  12. What is the middle path?


  1. What is voltage?
  2. What is current?
  3. What is resistance?
  4. What is Ohm’s law?
  5. What is electricity?
  6. How is electricity generated?
  7. What is a transformer?
  8. What is the difference between a series and a parallel circuit?
  9. What is a capacitor?
  10. What is a diode and how does it relate to an LED?
  11. What is a transistor and how is it significant?
  1. What is Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation? Why is it significant?
  2. What is gravity?
  3. What are Newton’s three laws of motion? Give an example of each one.
  4. What is the difference between position, velocity and acceleration and how are they related?
  5. What is the difference between G and g?
  6. What is the problem with Newton’s description of gravity?


  1. What is the sine, cosine and tangent ratios?
  2. What is dimensional analysis and how is it helpful?
  3. What is one science concept you learned from an approved YouTube channel?
  4. What did you learn from the lab you performed in class?
  5. How is the Philae comet lander significant?
  6. What is the technological singularity?
  7. Who was Michael Faraday and why is his work significant?

Thanksgiving Break Catch-up Work

Many students have a lot of work to catch up on over Thanksgiving Break. Below is a breakdown of what students should be working on. I completed individual contracts as a reminder for everyone in the class. Students wanting an A should post 10 Problem Sets, 10 Video Reflections, 5 Seminar Reflections, the Natural Philosophy Lab, and the LED light knowing that they will have to complete a Final Exam and get their Systems of Thought Art Piece posted after break (as well as prep for exhibition).

  • Problem Sets. These need to be completed and signed off by me. You can find problem sets here: https://hthdelgadophysics.wordpress.com/problem-sets/
  • Video Reflections. Students need to watch a video from the approved list (here: https://hthdelgadophysics.wordpress.com/physics-videos/) and answer the following questions on each video.
    • What was the science explained in the video?
    • Why is that science significant?
    • What questions does that raise for you?
  • Seminar Reflections. Answer the question posted and use evidence from the text or the seminar to back up your response. https://hthdelgadophysics.wordpress.com/socratic-seminars/
  • LED light. Post a picture of your light on with a write up answering what you learned about yourself and what you learned about circuits from building the light.
  • Natural Philosophy Lab. Post a picture or video of you completing the lab. Post a brief paragraph about what you learned doing the lab. Post a lab write up with the following:
    • Looking Back: What happened?

      Describe the results of your experiment.

      • How did your experiment turn out? Did it work?  To what extent?
      • Describe how your experiment looked.  Do you have any images or can you illustrate artifacts?

      Looking Beyond:  What do you think has happened?

      Explain your observations and results. What do you think these results mean for the world beyond the experiment.

      Looking inward:  Lab Practice

      Did you get desirable results?

      • If yes, what did you think you did that contributed to desirable results?
      • If not, then what do you think contributed to undesirable results?

      How do you think you performed in this activity?

      Looking outward:  Collaboration

      Who did you work with?
      How do you think your group performed?

      Looking Forward:  What next?

      If you could do this again, what would you change to get better results?
      If you were organizing a group for the next lab activity, who would you choose to work with again?
      Do you see any way to continue this experiment? Would you want to?

      Take aways:    What skills, techniques, or pieces or wisdom did you get from this activity?