Physics Videos

Spring 2016 In Class Videos

  1. Meaning in Life by Alan Watts





The Following is a list of approved YouTube channels for the video assignments. You can do up to five video reflections for the ten writing assignments. I encourage you to watch more than the minimum because there are so many wonderful resources.

The question for all videos from the list below is: What science did you learn from the video? What is the significance of the science? What questions do you now have as a result of watching the video (the questions can be about the science or maybe about possibilities for further study)?

Approved Video Channels and Shows

  1. Minute Physics
  2. SciShow Space
  3. Wonders of the Universe: Destiny. Feel free to watch all of this or a 15 minute clip which you reflect on.
  4. Wonders of the Universe: Stardust. See above
  5. Wonders of the Universe: Falling. See Above.
  6. Wonders of the Universe: Messengers. See above
  7. Forrest Tanaka Astrophotography. Learn a lot before going out.
  8. Timelapse How To.  You can find quite a few of these.
  9. Timelapse How To. 
  10. Minute Earth
  11. Scishow
  12. Wonders of Life: What is Life? Use a 15 minute clip.
  13. Wonders of Life: Expanding Universe.  See above
  14. Wonders of Life: Endless Forms Most Beautiful. See above.
  15. Wonders of Life: Size Matters. See above.
  16. Wonders of Life: Home. See above.
  17. High Altitude Balloon Launch. 
  18. High Altitude Glider
  19. Felix Baumgartner Space Jump
  20. Crash Course: Chemistry
  21. How to Make Essential Oils from Steam Distillation
  22. Supercritical CO2 Oil Extraction
  23. Cutting and Polishing Stones
  24. How to make a Sunset Timelapse
  25. Earth’s Atmosphere
  26. How Do Rockets Work?
  27. Crash Course: Chemistry
  28. How do rocket engines work?
  29. Rocket Launch Video
  30. Earth’s Atmosphere
  31. Minute Earth

The Channels Below are from the first semester of 2014

  1. Minute Physics
  2. Minute Earth
  3. Veritasium
  4. SciShow
  5. SciShow Space
  6. Smarter Every Day
  7. It’s Ok To Be Smart
  8. VSauce

The videos below are from the Spring 2014 course. Please ignore for now.

Below are links to the physics videos we watch (or are recommended). You need seven reflections on the videos by the end of the semester.

  1. Wonders of the Universe: Destiny. Question: Reflect on Entropy and its relationship to deep time in the universe.
  2. Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time. Question: Reflect on space-time and the relationship between motion/gravity and time.
  3. Wonders of the Universe: Falling.  Question: What did you learn about gravity from the film? Why is it significant?
  4. How Do Transistors Work? Question: Using the information from this video write about how computers work. What is the significance of Moore’s Law reaching a limit?
  5. Wonders of the Universe: Stardust. Question: What is the most interesting science you learned in this video and why?
  6. Stratos Red Bull Jump. Question: What is the scientific significance of an extreme jump such as Feliz Baumgartner’s? What struck you about the footage?
  7. 35.  Share what you did for the informal homework. What inspires you?
  8. Mars One Way. Is it just or right for a healthy adult human to leave earth to live out the rest of his/her days on Mars?
  9. Cosmos: Standing Up in the Milky Way.  What is the significance of science education? OR Reflect on the tension between dogma and freedom of thought within science?
  10. Cosmos: Some of the Things Molecules Do. In light of the video, reflect on your connection to the other earthlings you share earth’s genetic code with.
  11. Science, Religion and the Big Bang.  What is the significance of the discovery of primordial gravitational waves from the first moment of the universe?

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