World is Ending Articles

Human Impact:

  1. Salton Sea Looming Environmental Disaster
  2. Salton Sea Faces Catastrophic Future
  3. Governor Jerry Brown to Decide Fate of Bond Proposal

High Altitude Balloon

  1. Watch the first HTH Balloon Video
  2. Watch Ascent
  3. Photography from a balloon
  4. MIT Balloon Article

Drone Film

  1. Watch Golden Coast for ideas
  2. Watch New York City film
  3. Watch Epic Drone Film
  4. Read How Drones Fly
  5. Read What Drones Did Next 

Tree Planting

  1. Listen to this RadioLab
  2. Read Bark Beetle
  3. Read Plant a Tree

Sea Explorers

  1. Read Ocean Acidity
  2. Read NASA 
  3. Read Ocean Might Swallow CA
  4. Explore NOOA’s Sea Level Rise Predictor

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