Science Final Grade

Please keep the following in mind as you work through the end of the semester and finalize your blog.

  • You need thirteen posts responding to the questions from each week. You can find those here:
  • 300 word reflection on How You are Ready for the Next Grade Level
  • Photos – At least 28
    • 1 processed astrophotography image from shared folder
    • 3 from the zoo
    • 6 from downtown and Barrio Logan
    • 3 from Ocean Beach
    • 3 from Little Italy
    • 2 from Balboa Park
    • 2 from Sunset Cliffs
    • 3 from Old Town
    • 3 from Liberty Station
    • At least two from the studio session one and two
  • Problem Sets – 4
    • Waves (post 3), Optics (post 4), Energy Usage (post 8) and Ideal Problem Set (post 9)
  • Map from beginning of semester 1 & 2
  • Final Page from semester
  • Depth of Thought on the four or six posts you want graded. Put more work into these. Write more. Think more. Show it. This will be the difference between an A and a B.
  • Honors Post (if needed)

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