Blog Post 12

For blog post twelve, please post your final products. See the list below:

  • When you have completed your page(s) for the book, and it is ready for publishing (approved by Brian/Adam with page number, etc), upload the page onto your blog. Include a brief comment on what you learned from creating a publishable piece.
  • Choose your best photo from the past semester. Process it to bring out detail, contrast, composition. Save the file as a 300 dpi, 13″x9″ jpg or psd. You have to use the original file that has not been emailed or put on social media, etc. You want the largest possible file for the best detail. We will begin printing these next week. Include a brief description of how you captured the shot, what equipment you’ve used, settings (etc)
  • We are going out on May 23rd for an evening astronomy class. Post the processed image of the solar object you and your partner(s) imaged. Include a reflection on what you learned camping and looking at the stars.

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