Photoshop Tips

Brightness refers to how lit up the photo is. You want your photo brighter for print because it book pages aren’t back lit. Contrast refers to the level of color difference between corresponding parts of the photo.  To adjust brightness and contrast follow these tips.

Levels refer to the range of tone and color in the photo. Typically, photo data has information in specific ranges. You want the levels of your photo to reflect where the data is. To adjust levels check out this page. 

Image sharpness refers to how in focus parts of your image are. This is a major issue with many of the images set to go in our book. To learn to adjust image sharpness, watch this short video.

Your assignment is to process an image in photo shop that you are planning to put in the book. Get it checked with Brian this afternoon. Show him the before and after. Also, post the before and after to Blog Post 11. Once Brian checks it off, put it into your page.

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