Physics Lesson in February

I will be out Monday, February 13th for part of the day to do work at High Tech High Chula Vista and again this Thursday for part of the day doing an online lesson on our Weather Balloon Project. Check here if you’re wondering what to do.

Today, here is your task list for the morning.

  • Finish Blog Post 4 from last week.
  • Read this short NASA article on First Light and the James Webb Space Telescope. We will spend some time unpacking this text to understand what the big deal is. The video at the bottom of the article is also very helpful and worth the 2:30 view time.
  • Read this article on the geologic history of San Diego. Take notes. We will be getting to this over the next week.
  • Time permitting, watch this video and/or read this short article and make your first attempt at processing a photo in PhotoShop.
  • Post the processed image to your blog.

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