Blog Post 4: Lighting in Photography

For this week, post the following:

  • Problem set 2: Optics
  • Refer to the articles on lighting in photography along with the videos we watched in class. What did you learn about lighting in photography? What techniques do you hope to practice this week? What challenges do you foresee?
  • Post one picture from your first studio session and one picture for your second studio session. Pick photos that best illustrate each session in your mind’s eye. Write about what you learned from each session.
  • Sunset Cliffs Page. Post images and a your writing piece that will go into your Sunset Cliffs page for this week.
  • Honors or Open Architecture work. Write a brief synopsis of what you plan to do for you Honors or Open Architecture work. What else do you hope to learn?
  • Spend some time playing with lenses and prisms. What do each do? Write about the power of optics in our modern world? What strikes you? What questions do you still have?

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