Final Addition to Honors Blog Post

Please post the following as a final honors blog post:

  • A final work log from last week into this week. Add what you have worked on each day as part of your honors work.
  • A detailed reflection answering the question: What did you learn from the secondary honors project you completed? This reflection should include any struggle or challenge you experienced along the way, how you overcame that struggle, what technical or science concepts you learned from the work, what you were proud of and what you would change if you could work on it a second time.
  • An image or video showing the work you completed as part of the honors work. For Astronomy people, this should be a processed image, for film-makers, it could be the film, for rocket group, it should be an image of the rocket you worked on, for nature groups you can post an image of the work you did.
  • Problem set and Article: Read the linked (extensive) article on Ocean Acidification. Write a response containing the following:
    • List three concepts you learned from the article and explain each one
    • Describe how chemistry is important to understanding ocean acidification
    • What struck you personally about the article?
    • The end of the article lists lowering you personal CO2 output as a way to slow ocean acidification. Do one act which lowers your CO2 output and write about it.

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