Honors Post

Honors students should start the following post which will eventually contain the following:

  • A work-log which will contain five entries
  • Two big reflections (one due before Thanksgiving. one due before exhibition)
  • Four additional problem sets (Chemistry Based – 1 per week) OR A second research paper
  • Three written responses to Chem readings (short responses)

This week (Nov 3rd) you should start by writing a work-log for describing all of the work you have done on your honors (second) project since we started the capstone. Keep a log of all honors work you due moving forward to add to your work log. Your work log should contain and entry for every day moving forward including a note on what you did for work on your honors project and how long you worked on it. If you didn’t work on it during a given day, you should make a note of that.

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