Blog Post 11: Life

Post the following for this week’s work:

  • After watching Cosmos: These are Some of the Things Molecules Do, answer 2 of the following questions:
    • What is the significance of DNA, particularly in what it tells us about the relationship of life on earth?
    • We are currently living in the midst of the sixth major extinction event. How does that fact inform your life?
    • What struck you about Tyson’s description of the evolution of the human eye?
    • What do tardigrades and other extremophiles tell us about the potential for life in extreme environments such as Titan?
  • Read this short article on water. Watch this short video on water.
    • What are the properties of water that allow for life?
    • What strikes you about water? Why?
  • Work log of the week. What did you accomplish for your capstone this week?

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