Final Blog Post of the Semester….Almost

Hi all. This is the final blog post you will need to write this semester as part of your grade. You should be all updated on everything else. This needs to be done by Monday (but use today’s in class time to work on it) because we’ll be doing interviews with everyone next week that we hope to use at exhibition.

  • Image of the Week: Upload the image you wish to use as your final print in this folder. Will from Outside the Lens will be in tomorrow to take one final look at the image before we print next week. You will have one last chance to edit. However, put your image in the folder labeled with your name (example: brian_delgado.jpg). Make sure the image is 300 dpi and 24″ x 36″.
  • Post a reflection answering the following questions. These will be used next week in the interviews we conduct.
    • What people, places or things hold meaning for you and why?
    • How do you overcome obstacles or persevere through difficult times?
    • What brings you peace, happiness or enjoyment? Why?
    • What fears do you have for the future?
  • Post your final exam essential question along with at least one article which I can read prior to our conversation.


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