Near Space Balloon Proposal

Physics & Engineering 2

Near Space Imaging Project

Project Sheet


For the near space imaging project, students must submit a completed balloon design by Wednesday, February 12th. The design must address issues related to gathering images from near space (~16 – 20 miles above the surface of the earth).


You and your partner should submit one design paper including the sections listed below.


Near Space Team Name:

The team name should be listed at the top of the paper. The class will pick our class team name from all proposals.



The objective is a short section describing the purpose of your proposal. What is it you intend to accomplish and, briefly, how? The objective should clarify what type of images you wish to capture (still, video, both, live feed, infrared, etc) and any other science based experimentation or data you wish to collect (atmospheric information, altitude, temperature, etc).



The design section will be the body of the proposal. In this section, you must lay out the why and the how of the entire design. In this section you must clearly describe how you intend to solve technical issues with regard to pressure, temperature, device retrieval, obtaining data, data retrieval, etc. You must fully describe how various aspects of your near space balloon will work including the following sub-sections:

  • Balloon launch site and launch specifics.
  • Obtaining images and other data
  • Safety system for falling device
  • Device retrieval


I suggest breaking these sections up between group members because this is the majority of work for your proposal.


Materials List and Cost

In this section you must include a materials list and estimated cost for every item that is included in your design. You can find costs on Amazon or other online outlets. The materials list must include specifics about each item including item name, manufacturer, cost, weight and purpose. There must be a total weight and total cost calculated in this section.


Design Sketch

A design sketch must be included in your proposal. This sketch must include an image of the overall balloon device, notes on safety system, and a detail sketch of the imaging system.


The proposal must be as specific as possible. The more specific, the better for everyone involved. If you need to program a signal/receiver system for live feed, you should at least have an understanding of how that may be accomplished. Please use any resource available, but check with Brian before emailing or seeking outside of class. Good luck!!!

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