Astronomy Questions

  1. What is a universe?
  2. What is a solar system?
  3. What is a galaxy?
  4. What is a galactic cluster?
  5. What is a planet? Give an example.
  6. What is a moon? Give an example.
  7. What is a sun?
  8. What is a dwarf planet? Give an example.
  9. How old is the universe?
  10. How old is the solar system?
  11. How old is earth?
  12. What are the planets in our solar system?
  13. What is a white dwarf?
  14. What is a red giant?
  15. What is a supernova?
  16. What is a pulsar?
  17. What is a quasar?
  18. What is a blazar?
  19. What is a magnetar?
  20. What is a black hole?
  21. Is the universe expanding, contracting or staying stable in size? How do we know?
  22. What is the composition of the universe (what is it made of)? How do we know?

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