Blog Post 4

Post responses to the following to your blog.

  • Watch or re-watch the Ted Ed video on global ocean currents.
    • What strikes you most about the video?
    • What is a gyre and how are they significant? What is thermohaline circulation and how is it significant?
    • What questions do you have about surface current? What questions do you have about deep ocean currents?
  • Post your final mixed media digital art piece with a brief write up on its Significance, Perspective, Evidence, and Connection.
  • Post Images of all of your math work from the week. What are you struggling with? What are you doing well?
  • Where are you with the various projects aside from the digital art? How did you do with photography, your personal project, SCUBA, and/or your artificial reef this week? What do you need to accomplish in the coming weeks? What do you need help with?