Semester Azul Week 2: BlogPost 1

Hi all,

See below for your first submission of work. Each bullet point represents something you should submit as evidence of work you did during these first weeks of the course.

  • An image of your San Diego Map poster. Include a brief written note on what makes you proud about the poster and what you learned.
  • An image of your¬†Semester Azul Math Intro on Functional Modeling. Choose one of the functions and write about how that function is applied in helping people understand the world around us better. The more applications, the better. What questions do you have about the function you’ve chosen?
  • Choose an image¬†you took over the past two days either at sunset cliffs or in the afternoon session on Tuesday. Process the image to the best of your ability in Photoshop, Lightroom, or whatever processing tool you use. Include a brief note on your process of capturing. What were you working on when you took the photo? What techniques were you using?
  • Goalsetting. Submit your plan for the coming semester. Include several parts. And don’t worry. Ideas you have now can change. They probably will. But we need to start somewhere.
    • What is it you plan to do, make, create, etc this semester. Are there professional models of the type of work you want to do? What are they? Share them.
    • Look through the Semester Azul Assessment Document. This is not an exhaustive list at all. It is only meant to offer some ideas for the types of ways you could be thinking about improving as a person, a student, and a thinker. What are your personal goals for growth this semester? What are you already strong at? What do you want to improve at? Again, this may change, but thinking about it now will help as a starting point.