Week Four Blog Post

Post the following to your blog this week:

  1. Gravitation Problem Set
  2. A reflection on this week’s text fromĀ The Universe is a Green Dragon (seminar text). Choose an idea that struck you from the text. What is argument the author is making with that idea? Give evidence for why you think the author is making that argument. What is a piece of science you learned from the text? How does it fit into or contribute to the author’s overall argument?
  3. Reflect on the breakout project you joined this week (ocean, camp planning, High Altitude Balloon, trees, photography, etc).
    • What did you do this week? What did you accomplish?
    • What are you hoping to accomplish in the coming weeks?
    • What did you learn about yourself? About group work? About science or the project at hand?
    • How will you consider yourself successful in this endeavor?
  4. Look through the list of class competencies. Which did you display, have success in during the class? What technical skill did you begin learning? What evidence is there for your continued improvement in these arenas? (please feel free to add video, photo, or other media in order to show evidence.