Week Three Blog Post

Post the following for this week’s work:
1. An image of the Waves Problem Set Completed
2. An image of your Cosmic Structure Poster with a brief description of what struck you about the structure. What did you learn researching it and making the poster? What questions do you have about it? How did your group function? What work did you do vs the rest of your group?
3. Read the seminar text (or watch the video). What is the main point of Feynman’s argument in this text? Do you agree or disagree? Why?
4. This week, we worked in groups to create a poster to teach the rest of the class, we did a seminar on science and beauty, we completed a Wednesday free write and shared, completed a problem set on waves, some of you went out for a night under the stars, and others prepped for their night. Look through the attached class competencies – take some time to identify any from the academic and/or interpersonal list (or for those who did astronomy from the technical) that you showed evidence of this week through your work. How did you display said characteristic? How might you improve on it/grow more? Where are you at present? Where would you like to go?