Welcome & Assignment 1

Hello all. Welcome to Mary and Brian’s fall 2019 Physics course. I will be posting work here and to the Google Classroom. Each student should also create a blog to house their portfolio of student work. This portfolio will serve as the evidence of growth and will allow students to obtain their final grade in the course.

Our first class project is linked below. Students should create a blog as a digital warehouse of their work. They can use WordPress, Blogspot, Wix, Weebly, etc. The important thing is that they will have assignments due each week on their blog.

For this week’s project, get your three photos up along with your short written piece accompanying all three. Include a short reflective piece on your blog. Share what you learned about photography. What was your process like? Did you enjoy it? Do you see yourself doing more photography?

Students will submit their weekly blog post through Google Classroom. Assignments will also be posted there.

Intro to Photography Project

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