Blog Post 8

Post for following by Friday, end of day for your 8th post:

  • Three pictures from the OB field day. Post your best pictures from last week.
  • At least three pictures from the Barrio Logan field day.
    • label all of your photos and put a note on what your thinking is behind the work.
  • Problem Set: Energy Usage
  • Read the article on San Diego Energy Use. Watch the video on thermal energy generation. Also watch the video on renewable energy generation.
    • What are your thoughts on your own energy use in San Diego?
    • What would you like to see San Diego do to develop energy supply in the future? Why?
    • What is the relation between all types of energy harnessed on earth and the sun? Why is that significant?
    • What questions do you have about energy generation?
  • An update of honors work from the past few weeks. What have you accomplished on your honors project so far? What is your timeline for further completion of work? How do you plan to get that done?

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