Monday, Mar 6th

Today, you should be working on the following:

  • Everyone should submit the book article to their area editor for another edit. The area editor needs to read through each paper and edit a second time for grammar and spelling. The text should be a third person account answering a question about their topic for the book. Area editors: please let Brian or Adam know if anyone in your group still does not have a complete 350 – 5oo word piece.
  • Everyone should spend time completing a first draft of their additional book piece. Everyone must submit an article with processed photos for publishing. Everyone also has to submit a companion piece: either a 150 – 200 word sidebar, a visual (such as a graph) which gives information about their area of town, or a piece of art that may be used in the book. The first draft of this piece should be ready for critique Tuesday.
  • Graphic designers must each complete two templates for the book by Wednesday, Mar. 6th.
  • Read this text on water use in cities and begin this week’s blog post by answering these questions:
    • Estimate how much water you use per week
    • How might you be able to cut back?
    • What struck you about the article?
    • What are other ways cities might save on water usage in the future? What plans should we pursue?

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