Blog Post 12

Only two more of these to go for the rest of the semester.

Post the following this week:

  • What is entropy? How does it relate to time and the fate of the universe? What are your thoughts on the story it tells us? Resource 1: Entropy and Chaos¬† Resource 2: Entropy and time¬† ¬†Resource 3: Entropy and Heat Death of the Universe
  • How does consciousness play a critical role in any story of spaceship earth and our role?
  • What have you learned doing the capstone work from a science perspective?
  • Post evidence of work you have done on your capstone with a short description of the work (part 1)? This could be a processed astronomy image, an image or video of a nature excursion, an image of a rocket part or drawing, an image from the balloon.

Honors Work Week 2

  • Submit a work log for the work you do on your honors project. This log should include a write up of what you did and how long you worked on it each day. If you did nothing in a given day, write the date down and a note that you didn’t work on your honors project.
  • Problem set
    • Go to the TedEd site on the periodic table. Pick three elements off of the table and watch the short video associated with each one. Write a brief summary of what you learned from the video.
    • Look up and write down what distinguishes each group in the following list:
      • Akali Metals
      • Akali Earth Metals
      • Transition Metals
      • Other Metals
      • Rare Earth Metals
      • Noble Gases
      • Halogens
      • Non-metals