Final Photography Blog Post

Please form up with a group of several students. Three to five. Spend 20 minutes collaborating on a photography session. Take one image from the shoot. Process and post it along with a quick reflection answering the following questions:

  • What did you learn about photography this semester (this could be the technical/scientific/engineering side and/or the artistic side)?
  • What should be modified about this project if it is done in the future?

Thanks for the feedback!

Final Honors Post

For your honors project, please put a post onto your blog titles, “Honors Post”

Please post the following:

  • A link to your honors paper or video
  • (Astronomy Honors) Processed images of your astronomy pics (deep sky) and/or widefield or a link to your timelapse if you made one
  • (Rocketry Honors) Link to the projected height calculation from the thrust test data
  • (Weather Balloon) Lab write-up showing results of your high altitude experiment
  • Final reflection. What did you learn about rocketry, astronomy or high altitude science that is new to you? How was the overnight camping experience/rocket launch/balloon launch? What stood out?