Rocket Science Project Scaffolding

In order for us to gain a better understanding of what dynamics are in play with the rocket engine, we will have to define some simple terms. Here are your tasks to begin our rocket science project:

  1. Find a partner. You get to choose a partner. However, it cannot be someone you have worked with before. If cannot be someone from your solar system project or from the solar system drawing you did. You must choose someone new.
  2. Research fuel types. We will be working with two main fuel types. Sugar rockets and black powder rockets. What are the ingredients used in each type? What is the fuel? What do the other components of the rocket engine do? What are the proposed ratios of fuel mix? What is the temperature and time of the burn? Are there any changes to that mix that are recommended to change the characteristics of the burn?
  3. Research model rocket engine types. What is a core burner engine? What is an end burner engine? How do these engine designs differ and why would you choose one over the other?

Please write the answers to these questions in your notebook as a section of notes. We will use these for a later blog post.

Good luck!

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