Astronomy Unit: Solar System to Scale

Your first challenge of the astronomy unit will also serve as your second problem set of the semester. Your job is to partner up with someone of your choice and produce the following two drawings.

  1. Draw each planet and the sun to scale. Label each planet and include information about the composition (what the planet is made of). Color the planet appropriately.
  2. Draw a scale model of the distances from the sun to each planet. Pick a scale for your sun and draw out this second model. Label each planet and the its distance to the sun. Provide a key with the scale.

For both of these drawings, you choose the scale. For the first drawing I might recommend making the diameter of Mercury, 3031 miles, equal to 1 mm. Scale the diameter of the other planets off of this. For the second drawing, I might make the orbital radius of Neptune, 2790 million miles, equal to 50 cm and scale all of the other orbits off of this. Good luck.

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