Hindu Pantheon Presentations

You and a partner have been given a Hindu God to research and present on. These presentations are meant to be short. This is simply a way to introduce the class to the god, goddess or demon. With that in mind, please keep the presentations under five minutes. Have a visual of appropriate size ready to display. Also, both people in the partnership need equal time sharing out to the class. We have discussed research norms. Wikipedia is a wonderful place to start, especially when the page is not flagged and when there are sources cited. However, .edu and .org as well as respected newspapers and magazines are usually better for finding information online.

Do your best to address the following questions in your presentation.

  1. What is the god in question and who worships her/him?
  2. What mythology exists in relation to the god you are studying? What stories are the god/goddess central in?
  3. What does the god/goddess symbolize? What does the clothes or animals pictured with the god/goddess symbolize?
  4. What ceremonies do the followers of the god/goddess practice?

Good luck and I’m looking forward to your presentations.