How To Video Assignment Due February 12th, 2015. (150 SpaceBucks)

Physics 2

How To Videos

Project Sheet



Over the next two weeks students on the Delgado/Aguirre team will create How To videos in pairs. The video will address a question of note to help us further our collective knowledge of Space Science, Earth Science, Rocketry, and UAVs. The videos may be used by future members of the Astronomy Club or Brian Delgado’s class.



  1. The first step in the process will be to find a partner and choose a topic. Do that immediately if you have not completed this step.
  2. Once your topic is chosen, you and your partner should research the question, individually if possible. It would be best for each of you to complete a page of research minimum on your topic. You will need to know the information inside and out because, not only will you be making the video, you will be the class expert on this topic.Get this checked off.
  3. Once your notes are taken, you can begin working on a script and storyboard for your video. You will want to storyboard out of of your shots. Think about angles that you want to capture and the story you want to tell through this video. The movie needs to be approximately 3 – 5 minutes in length. In service of the story you can go longer if need be. Get this checked off.
  4. Make a filming schedule. Plan out when you want to film and what equipment you will need. We will need to share microphones, tripods and class cameras. Get Checked off.
  5. Film and edit. The important thing here will be for you to choose a dedicated computer for your video. Save your footage and sound to the hard drive of the computer which will help your group avoid the chance of losing data.
  6. When you are done with the first draft, we will do a critique of it. After your critique is complete you can complete your final draft and upload it to your High Tech High account’s YouTube channel.


Final drafts of your How To videos are due no later than Thursday, February 12th.


The final draft will be worth 150 SpaceBucks (or points for those doing points).


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