How To Videos

During the first few weeks of the second semester, you will be responsible for creating a How To video on either Space Science, Earth Science, Rocketry or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The topics for the How To videos are listed below:

How To Video Topics



  1. How does a reflecting telescope work?
  2. How does a refracting telescope work?
  3. How does a GoTo telescope mount work?
  4. How does sidereal motion work?
  5. How does retrograde motion work?
  6. How does the iOptron Skytracker work?
  7. How do the eyepieces work?
  8. How does an autoguider work?
  9. How does gravitational lensing work?
  10. How do atmospheric conditions impact deep space visibility?


  1. How do digital cameras work?
  2. How does f-stop work?
  3. How do camera lenses and focal length work?
  4. How does ISO work?
  5. How does shutter speed work?
  6. How does the skystacking software work?

Earth Science

  1. How do microscopes work?
  2. How do weather balloons work?
  3. How does a GPS work?
  4. How does the atmosphere work?
  5. How does the magnetosphere work?
  6. How does weather work?


  1. How does flight work?
  2. How do aerodynamics work?
  3. How do roll, pitch and yaw work?


  1. How do electric motors work?
  2. How do quadcopter props work to create motion?
  3. How do RC controllers work?
  4. How do batteries work?
  5. How does the drone “brain” work?


  1. How do rocket motors work?
  2. How does combustion work?
  3. How does rocket science work?
  4. How does chemical energy power rockets?
  5. How do orbital mechanics work?
  6. How does a gravitational assist work?

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