Thanksgiving Break Catch-up Work

Many students have a lot of work to catch up on over Thanksgiving Break. Below is a breakdown of what students should be working on. I completed individual contracts as a reminder for everyone in the class. Students wanting an A should post 10 Problem Sets, 10 Video Reflections, 5 Seminar Reflections, the Natural Philosophy Lab, and the LED light knowing that they will have to complete a Final Exam and get their Systems of Thought Art Piece posted after break (as well as prep for exhibition).

  • Problem Sets. These need to be completed and signed off by me. You can find problem sets here:
  • Video Reflections. Students need to watch a video from the approved list (here: and answer the following questions on each video.
    • What was the science explained in the video?
    • Why is that science significant?
    • What questions does that raise for you?
  • Seminar Reflections. Answer the question posted and use evidence from the text or the seminar to back up your response.
  • LED light. Post a picture of your light on with a write up answering what you learned about yourself and what you learned about circuits from building the light.
  • Natural Philosophy Lab. Post a picture or video of you completing the lab. Post a brief paragraph about what you learned doing the lab. Post a lab write up with the following:
    • Looking Back: What happened?

      Describe the results of your experiment.

      • How did your experiment turn out? Did it work?  To what extent?
      • Describe how your experiment looked.  Do you have any images or can you illustrate artifacts?

      Looking Beyond:  What do you think has happened?

      Explain your observations and results. What do you think these results mean for the world beyond the experiment.

      Looking inward:  Lab Practice

      Did you get desirable results?

      • If yes, what did you think you did that contributed to desirable results?
      • If not, then what do you think contributed to undesirable results?

      How do you think you performed in this activity?

      Looking outward:  Collaboration

      Who did you work with?
      How do you think your group performed?

      Looking Forward:  What next?

      If you could do this again, what would you change to get better results?
      If you were organizing a group for the next lab activity, who would you choose to work with again?
      Do you see any way to continue this experiment? Would you want to?

      Take aways:    What skills, techniques, or pieces or wisdom did you get from this activity?

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