Science & Technology Sci-Fi Design

On Wednesday, November 20th you’re rough draft of your science/tech design is due. You must have an in process image based on the science within your story (this will also form the backdrop for your Radio Drama as it plays on Exhibition Night). You also need a 250 – 500 word essay addressing a science topic within your Radio Drama. The essay must be cited where appropriate using footnotes. I would highly recommend using Google Docs to write the essay. 

Students must develop an appropriate question based on their story. This again has to be done individually. Students should then research their topic and write a short explanation of the science used. 

Appropriate questions might include:

  • What does science teach us about the feasibility of time travel and how is it significant in my story?
  • What are necessary conditions for alien life to arise and how does this concept drive my story?
  • What is a type 1 civilization and how does this idea play a role in my Radio Drama?

I hope you’re getting the point here. I want you to address an issue in science and connect it back to the story you are telling. You will have to write concisely because 250 – 500 words is a few paragraphs to a page max. 

The final document needs to have citations as well. Please footnote the citations within the text using the Chicago Manual Style. For more information on how to cite specific texts, films or articles go to their website. For citing websites, use the following information from the Chicago Manual of Style organization website:


A citation to website content can often be limited to a mention in the text or in a note (“As of July 19, 2008, the McDonald’s Corporation listed on its website . . .”). If a more formal citation is desired, it may be styled as in the examples below. Because such content is subject to change, include an access date or, if available, a date that the site was last modified.

1. “Google Privacy Policy,” last modified March 11, 2009,
2. “McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Safety Facts,” McDonald’s Corporation, accessed July 19, 2008,
3. “Google Privacy Policy.”
4. “Toy Safety Facts.”
Google. “Google Privacy Policy.” Last modified March 11, 2009.
McDonald’s Corporation. “McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Safety Facts.” Accessed July 19, 2008.”

See the attached model if you want more information on how the paper should look, how it should read, and what the citations should look like.

You can find a sample document here.

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